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Welcome to Bay Area Best Locksmith

We are Bay Area Best Locksmith, San Francisco Bay Area’s number one locksmith for automotive, residential and commercial business services.
With so many locksmiths in the Bay Area, it can be tough to decide which locksmith company is reputable. You as a consumer want to know; Which locksmith is reputable, which locksmith provides quality work, which locksmith is near your location, and which locksmith has affordable pricing? Well, you can rest assured that our locksmith company has all of the above and more. When you call our locksmith company you are immediately answered by one of our locksmith dispatchers all of which are eager to get your information routed to the nearest available locksmith technician near your location. Our mobile locksmiths are local and can be at your location within 15-20minutes. How you might ask? All of our professional licensed locksmiths are stationed strategically throughout the Bay Area so that at any given time you need help one of our locksmith technician's can get to you fast.
We understand emergency locksmith services are an unexpected emergency situation, we can appreciate not everyone has a rainy day account for these type of unexpected costs. We pride ourselves on our competitive pricing, we give the best prices to our clients because unlike other locksmith companies that outsource we work directly with our clients and can make sure that there is no middle man cost between you and our companies technician. Our dispatchers are able to answer questions about our competitive pricing and save you money with our latest promotion coupons to help offset the cost.
At Bay Area Best Locksmith all of our locksmiths are licensed, bonded and insured and go through extensive training before being put out on the field. Not only that but our technicians invest in their career which means they invest in the best tools, hardware, and materials to give you the best quality experience made to last.
At Bay Area Best Locksmiths our customers trust us to do the work over other companies because of the unparalleled quality that you can’t get at another company with a written warranty. That’s right, our company stands by our customers with a written warranty . There’s a reason other companies don’t stand by their work with a written warranty. We’re certainly not one of them. We set ourselves apart by knowing that we make our customers satisfied and thats what makes a reputable locksmith company. Next time your in the need of a locksmith service, big or small, emergency or non emergency, we would be honored to serve you day or night.

Other Services

Re-key locks

Residential security as well as commercial security.

Car locksmith

There are different types of locksmiths.

Transponder Keys

Up till 1990's, the car keys were only basic keys.

Trunk Unlock

Are you facing the locked out situation due.

Emergency locksmith

Locksmith Near Me offers the most prompt.